TalkingEmail TM is an add-in to Microsoft Outlook that adds...

TalkingEmail TM is an add-in to Microsoft Outlook that adds Voice Mail capability to the traditional features of Outlook. After installing the software and starting up Outlook, a new menu item appears (to the right of the Help menu item) and a new tool bar displays in the tool bar area of Outlook.

Both the menu and the toolbar allow you to record, pause, play back, save, compress and open voice recordings. You can use TalkingEmail TM in either the original (new) EMail message ora reply message.

You can email the voice mail and text to another person and TalkingEmailTM automatically attaches the recording to the message. TalkingEmailTM also allows recording of voice messages in the Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, and Notes sub-systems of Outlook.

With an optional TelbridgeTM, TalkingEmailTM allows recording of telephone calls within Outlook. Users of Apple Macintosh computers can receive and play a TalkingEmail message but cannot compose one since the software only runs on Microsoft Windows based personal computers.

TalkingEMailTMcan operate with Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail, and AOL email. See the FAQ page for information on how you combine these other popular Email systems with TalkingEMailTM.